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Day: Pingshan

Tianping mountain is located in Suzhou City West about 10 km south Lingyan hill, North Branch Ken hill, Southeast of jinshan. At an altitude of 201 meters, mountain area of 92.6 hectares. The peak of its truth, standing several hundred people, named tianpingshan. Because of its high into the clouds, often with white clouds, the beginning of the Tang Dynasty was also called Baiyun Mountain.

Tianpingshan formed 136 million years ago orogeny, K-feldspar granite mountain by rock composition. In the ancient time, the earth's crust was raised as a mountain, and one or more of the strata were staggered or twisted. The fault inclination is larger, which is close to vertical. By hundreds of millions of years of wind and rain invasion, freezing, exposure, surface weathering some spalling, remnants of the hard part Senran stands, as if million wat overturned.

Tang Baoli two years (826), Yongan in the south foot of the mountain monk balance built "Bai Yunan", also called "temple balance". Bai Yunquan hill, clear springs Ganlie, Bai Juyi Fu "white balance" poetry, thus the name of mountain balance.

The day six years (1028), on the site to build alternative monk Wu Li Po Temple hospital, still years baiyunan said.

Song Qingli four years (1044), canzhizhengshi Fan Zhongyan (989 to 1052) due to the emperor Tang Zhuguo Lishui County Magistrate Fan Suian buried in Tin Ping Shan, left foot, and great grand Fan Mengling, the progenitor fan praise, father van Yongan buried in Tin Ping Shan, right foot, Anli to set the merits of the temple, then petitioned to Bai Yunan to change the function de incense Institute, renamed the baiyun temple, Renzong thanks to its temple amount and hill, Tin Ping Shan but return the fan family all by Fan Zhongyan created in the first year of the Huang you Liou (1049) of fan's charity group is responsible for the management. Since the fan called Grant Hill, people call fan hill. Because it had, the ancestor, the father III was posthumously for public title, three tombs in the folk and called for three Taishi graves, ancient local chronicles have. After Fan Zhongyan died, was the posthumous title of "paper", his descendants have expanded in the South Baiyun temple. Next to the temple built in the ancestral temple, worshiping ancestors. Built in the white balance by cloud Quanan (later renamed cloud Quanjing upekkha).

Northern Song Dynasty Xuanhe 5 years (1123), Gyeongju jinglve appease the Yuwen Xu played in the built model essay is ancestral hall Yu Qingzhou (now Gansu Qingyang), to commemorate the Fan Zhongyan, Huizong Zhao Jishu thanks to the temple amount to "the valiant ones. In Southern Song Dynasty, as a result of "Xi Tu all sink, Temple of the martyrs, the alien", Suzhou local officials and scholar officials think "Su, so the county, and the Tin Ping Shan is ancestral hall in Yan. The spirit of the public must be in contact with this." Then in the period of Shaoxing (1131 - 1162) reconstruction of the new temple, exposing the "martyrs" list in the door. The annual rate of three has been on, our associates are all to the memorial. Since then, Fan Gongci, Taishi temple, three martyrs temple called mixed intertwined. Song Yuanyi, but the occasion of martyrs temple destroyed.

Yuan Yuan to 22 years (1285), fan's charity group Fan Bangrui martyrs temple reconstruction. "Temple in April. Bingxu Jiwang (1286) in February, the rate of family funeral. The paper is arranged in the public image, three male god temple where the instrument, ten Ying, tetrahedrite chalk Dan paint, very magnificent."

Ming orthodox eight years (1443), governor Zhou Chen and funded the rehabilitation of martyrs temple. Wuxian county magistrate Ye Xidan heart to deal with the neighboring counties, also try to support the completion of the construction of two months time. The new temple for the church, before and after each of the three, to serve the public and the third." East and West as the number of hidden lists and Su Yu Zhai Yan, a magnificent neat, on the past. As a bridge, bridge around the pavilion. Before the door, "said the list Chi given official Zhonglie temple".

Wanli forty-three years (1615), Fan Zhongyan seventeenth Shisun, Fujian Secretary Buzheng Shi Guan return Su Fan Yunlin abandoned the right. Because the scales of two by the war, destroyed the building, and then into the hills, "hundred years of the jungle, the rubble,...... Yu Yimao autumn, a slightly Mao Mainz, slightly into the position of "(Fan Yunlin" lost "Liao hall). Fan Yunlin will be back to the 380 tree seedlings Liquidambar from Quanzhou, planted in the foothills of the balance. Every autumn, bright red, with "a red" said. At the same time, van Yunlin repair temple, compoundpulsation Zu ze. In the van Sui tomb side, the construction of other industries, "villa balance." A curse and, um, bowl together listening to the Orioles Pavilion, pavilion, Yan Zhi Fang, to turn by Taiwan, Wanzhuan Zhu Sheng bridge. Pool Pavilion and folds, with the row upon row of well-proportioned. Around Shanqingshuixiu garden mountain form the ancient trees tower to the skies. According to Qian Long "Suzhou Prefecture" records: "the mountain villa for the pavilion, Quchi repair gallery. Through the spring when the visitors most Sheng Shi Liang." The late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, ruined in troubled times.

At the beginning of the Qing Emperor Kangxi, Fanyun temporary imperial academy review Fan Biying to commemorate his father "complex vibration property of power", the Senate fan Gongci built at the site of the villa of balance. After the fan in the worship of ancestors. Kangxi twenty-four years (1685), Fan Biying and wood / dove, time six years, the temple and front door's reconstruction. Layered Fanyao sun thanks to the arrival of the make one's rounds austral and temple and withdrawal of antechamber new. However, stone still the old "," shift apparatus doors in the stone bridge south, built into five Ying, with two clamping chamber and old monument ", the reconstruction of the day Hirayama Chuglie antechamber instrument the door" Kangxi forty-two years (1703), Emperor Kangxi aisingiorro Xuanye Tianping hill, "economic good" horizontal inscribed board martyr's temple, before the Datong magistrate Fan Zhongyan 24th century, specially invited the famous painting draw the magnetic green silk figure in landscape painting "wat overturned map", the picture for the Suzhou local officials greeted holy drive graced the scene, the number of up to thousands of people, magnificent.

Yong Zheng seven years (1729), van Wu Shizu van Sui Yao moved to rebuild the tomb. Qianlong five years (1740) to seven years, fan Yao and Fanyun temporary had sun Fan Xinghe, Fan Xinggu "heavy thatch Senate temple not only into, phase and evidence based browser market, Kai to the Senate remains, sequential rehabilitation." Initiated the reconstruction balance villa, van temple and temple of St. Paul's senate. Temporarily "mountain city Chuo exorcising, CI Yu Lang Fang, sequential club held. All of the old", "Gar wing Ting, forest gate stone, basin dredging monarch". The villa was renamed "give old Lu mountain". ("Fan Shiqian Wu Shizu Tang Zhuguo Lishui Fu Jun tomb monument", "Fan Shan Ji" Shici old Lu)

Qing emperor Hongli in several southern tour on the way, had four times (1751, 1757, 1780, 1784) to Tian Ping Shan, and every time a poem. Suzhou government and fan's family to watch, he has in the days Pingshan annexed to the high Yifang, Jiejia Pavilion, Royal Beiting, the Royal Library, high Yiyuan main hall (the throne), dressing Pavilion, general high Yiyuan. 16 years of Qianlong (1751), Hongli bestowed gold plaque "Yiyuan" and give martyr Temple "alcohol industry wide" plaque, thick reward fan's descendants. The same year, Fan Nengjun "hook school abnormal win, the accumulation of the baht lutetium, one hing". After the reconstruction of the temple's withdrawal and the new front, but the stone is still the old, than the Piao zhuang. To form words, move the instrument in the south of the bridge, built for the five Ying, the two clamping chamber and the old monuments, and pool the Northern Zhou Dynasty to Shilan, future look at with reverence. " Fan's descendants still forty-four years of Qianlong (1779) reconstruction of dilapidated Zhonglie temple door arch.

Xianfeng ten years (1860) to Tongzhi two years (1863), tianpingshan was severely damaged in wars.

Tongzhi years, Fan Yi Dun in Van Xuebing high Yiyuan suzerain rebuilt, and rebuild the temple in the "Baiyun baiyun temple on the site".

During the period of the Republic of China, Fan Zhongyan 26 Century sun Fan Houfu "term of respect to Chi, especially to Xing Fu balance various monuments has been appointed, experimenting with lead, its wood pigeon industry and trade", first as a stop quarrying Dang households intrusive days Pingshan boundary campaigned, finally get the official ban. Followed in the Republic of China 8 years (1919) rebuilt the baiyun temple, for the Basilica of San Ying and three door two veranda kitchen, whole macro structure. This complex Academy of merit pass (the baiyun temple rebuilt. 9 years (1920) in autumn, Fan Houfu and in the Senate Gongci Guzhi reconstruction Yu Tang, in the spring of the following year completed, towering wing contingent, face a new (the rebuilt van Senate public ancestral temple. 29 years (1940), the government of Wuxian county investigation sites pseudo said: Martyrs temple, baiyun temple, high buildings are intact Yiyuan etc.. After thirty years, the turmoil, failure to repair balance sites, barren unbearable. Since then, due to years of disrepair and decline.

Tin Ping Shan, and near the mountains of rock for high-quality stone, is the top grade building and decorative materials, has always been a quarry and the prohibition of mountains. Since the days of Ping Shan Fan become private, is protected in the government and the private sector. When the Republic of China, Tin Ping Shan Fan's bounds since Song Dynasty prohibited qiaocai gauge gradually falling, "mountain Dang households to quarry for the industry, intrusive Tianping Hill community, chisels unwarranted and to money, officials defended the" (Wang Fengying: the rebuilt van Senate public Ancestral Record "). Wuxian county government, Public Security Bureau of Suzhou, Wuxian County Public Security Bureau also repeated injunctions, balance interest protection requirements, quarrying is strictly prohibited, and sent ride guard protects the mountain. At this time, once again the bandit infested. In 6 years (1917 days), the police have been stationed in Pingshan GANSTA arson, robbery armed police injured.

At the beginning of 1954, Suzhou city park management office over tianpingshan. At that time, most of the construction waste tianpingshan unbearable, long recovery. In early May 1954, renovation of the Royal Pavilion, pavilion, Jiejia Yiyuan high buildings, ten pond dredging, in August 1st of the same year open.

In 1955, due to serious termites, high Yiyuan backward stalls off the shelf overhaul. At the beginning of the 60's, and have a small scale building repair Lotte building, Sui Hantang etc..

In 1966 the "Cultural Revolution" began, off balance villa, building termite long-term serious decay, coupled with the state of disrepair was dilapidated and desolate scene. The mountain cliff inscriptions were cut or torn down. In 1969 Quanjing homes into cloud demolition blasting in the teahouse, expand the foundation, the white balance is affected by the flow. In 1972 three the rear of the martyrs Temple Temple Taishi was demolished, converted to zoo deer farm. Surrounding mountains quarrying activities intensified, the mountains guns lead to habitat for many years the Hawks disappeared, increased vegetation and insect pests, serious damage to the Tin Ping Shan, environment and landscape, 1975, hundred years old has died. In 1976, a little renovation, re open.

In 1980, Tin Ping Shan is listed as the main attractions of the Lake National Scenic Area Tianling scenic spot, again to the scenic area planning and construction began. The same year moved to Huqiu deer farm seedling field. In 1981, the Suzhou municipal government allocated six hundred and fifty thousand yuan for the construction of the scale of the construction group to focus on the construction of the building. A total renovation of ancient buildings 5200 square meters, including Le Tianlou, carefree Pavilion, high Yiyuan stalls, awake together, spell bowl temple and other buildings, and rebuild the Jiejia Pavilion, Tu Lun Ting, Lotte floor landing built, structural change of reinforced concrete. October 1, 1983, the official opening of the balance of the villa. The same year, another fan repair ancestral hall and temple door Zhonglie, dredging the pond, Fangong temple built in wanniantai. In 1985 a large statue of martyrs Temple inscriptions and color for remodeling official. In 1988, Bai Yunting Suo Ziting booth, renovated locker, horsepond near the new building six pavilion. The reconstruction of the 1989 white balance room. Regulation of fan Sui tomb.

In September 1989, to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Fan Zhongyan a thousand, Suzhou Municipal CPPCC held Fan Zhongyan thousand years birthday commemoration, and in martyr's southeast of temple choose to build stone structure housing a, sorrow and joy square.

Since 90, the country every year for funding and construction and maintenance of Ping Shan Scenic Area, and environmental remediation. In 1993 to restore the Tong Zi men gatehouse, built Tong Zi stone door. Baiyun temple into a restaurant (2002 repair spots). In 1994, Tong Zi men North Building stone church. In order to solve the difficult problem of scenic parking, Tin Ping Shan, management invested 81 million mu Du Zhen Tian Ping Cun, 10 acres of land requisition, the new car park. In balance villa Sui Hantang monarch Fan Zhongyan in Suzhou historic exhibition room, 1995 changed as Fan Zhongyan Memorial, opening in September, 1996 to construction of Tong Zi men teahouse, verandas, accommodation rooms, box office, toilets and other facilities. 1997 months, three martyrs ancestral hall in repair Taishi temple, three plastic Taishi statues, and the new gallery. 1998, the new scenic entrance and supporting the use of the room. In 1999, flat okimichi roadbed, paving stone.

In April 1995, Fan Wenzheng's temple and balance villa (including Fan Fen) was included in the Jiangsu provincial cultural relics protection units. At the same time, the Fan Zhongyan memorial was named Suzhou municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Suzhou City, the first batch of patriotic education base. August 1997, the Fan Zhongyan memorial was named the provincial Party committee of the Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Province, the provincial patriotism education base.

In 2000, the management office renovation balance villa fish to music and turned by Taiwan, maintenance imperial stele Pavilion, the new technological street, snacks Street a total of 15 houses. In 2002, according to the municipal government (2002) 9 "about Mudu, Yeongam, balance tour of the spirit of the district environmental program, meeting minutes, the transformation of spiritual pilgrim's balance section 2200 meters of road, in the scenic entrance built archway, planted on both sides of the green belt. In June, Ling Road balance Hill section of the transfer of management rights tianpingshan management office. In April 2003, Fan Zhongyan Fan Guoxiang sun thirtieth endowed the statue of Fan Zhongyan, located in baiyun temple Fenglin square. In 2004, at the entrance to the east side of the pond to build a new cruise area. In 2005 to restore okimichi near the historic relics, reconstruction of listening to the Orioles Pavilion, white balance room maintenance. July investment in Suzhou gardens and Landscaping Administration Bureau of nearly 500 million yuan, the martyr's temple on the west side of the building of Fan Zhongyan memorial hall, in October 2006, the completion of the opening.

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