Tianping Survey

Tianpingshan is one of the famous mountain. All the mountains, is a unique natural scenery, cultural landscape is only two. Unique natural landscape and unique cultural landscape, the two one makes the balance of scenery with fame spreading far and wide.

Balance in scenic spots, one stone. Here, mountain rugged rocks, towering dangerous hilly, like the feudal era minister appear before the emperor when used wat as, layer upon layer.


天平山轮播3 箭头

Ticket information

Opening hours: 17:00 - 7:30 Annual: 30 yuan / bit

Children: children under the height of 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) by adults carry free admission . Height in 1.5 ~ 1.4 meters of children , the implementation of half price concessions.


Contact us

● Address: Suzhou China tianpingshan

● Zip code:215101

● Telephone:+86-512-66261382 +86-512-66578763

● Fax:+86-512-66563368

● Mailbox:sztpsxp@126.com

Net friend evaluation

asically our best time is about 11/22 in appearance, the mountain leaves all color, color is very rich. The mountain park there is a lake, red color reflected in the lake, appear red becomes three-dimensional space!

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